Real Estate Investing As A Business

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // November 4, 2018

“Investment is most intelligent when most business like” – Warren Buffett If investing is better when conducted most business like, does it mean that more real estate investors ought to be investing in a more businesslike fashion? Should every real estate investor be investing as a business? What does that really mean? What does it look […]

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How to Prepare your Garden for Winter?

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // January 12, 2017

Get rid of dead plant material:  Bugs often lay eggs on plant material in your garden.  If you leave these old vines and plants sitting around all winter, the eggs may hatch in the early days of spring and you will be left with a fresh batch of pests to deal with. Apply some compost:  […]

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Houseplants: A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // November 15, 2016


Indoor air pollutants are ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health.  There are a wide variety of toxic chemicals lurking in your home – a common component of glues that hold pressed-wood or particleboard furniture and cabinets together, natural gas stoves, carpet glues, flooring glues, caulks, sealants, paints, furniture finishes, and the […]

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Five Easy DIYs to Improve Curb Appeal

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // November 8, 2016

There are dozens of small, inexpensive home improvements that you can do to up your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal of your property brings out your touch and character that is your pride and joy. It also makes it easier to sell when you want to sell. A well maintained and aesthetically pleasing property is […]

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Keep Walking, Philly!

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // September 9, 2016

Philly Walking

It is important for some people to live and work in an area where everything they love is in reach of couple of blocks. Redfin and Walk Score recent survey ranks Philadelphia as number one city in walkable new construction in the country. New construction doesn’t always mean building in suburbs or developing a new […]

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Philly Growing Younger?

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // August 10, 2016

Philly Skyline

Philadelphia’s population has grown by 24.2% over the past ten years and majority of the residents are younger going by this recent report. Philly’s cultural prospects millennials – higher education scene in Philadelphia is one best and reasonably priced in the country. It offers wide variety of food, festivals, affordable real estate, to nightlife that […]

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The Neutral Influence

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // July 1, 2016

New Neutrals

Neutral colors represents classy and comfortable. When you address a huge buyers’ market and not sure about color choice of the potential buyer bringing you the profit. To avoid distracting the buyers, neutral color palettes can make it subtle and stylish. Neutrals not necessarily mean “no colors” as they can be used to create spaces […]

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Open Wallet for First Time Home Buyers in Philadelphia

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // June 2, 2016

First Time Home Buyer

Zillow’s recent reports informs that home buyers across the country are finding it tough to buy their first home as the inventories of homes for sale are falling and prices are heading upward. Good news for Philadelphia home buyers –inventory of entry-level homes in Philadelphia increased by 2.3% while the inventory of homes for sale […]

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Spring Gardening Tips

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // March 12, 2016

It is that time of the year again – time for new beginnings, getting rid of unwanted items in the rut, warmth of sun bringing heaven to earth, million shades of green sprouting out, cheery flowers, singing birds… you need to do your homework to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some tips – Prune Trees […]

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Architecture Style: Cape Cod

Posted by Nathaniel Beckham // March 3, 2016

Cape Cod

Cape Cod architecture, quintessentially American were developed by early settlers from England tin the 1600s. This traditional style is simple and serves the main purpose – to keep out the harsh New England winter. Cape Cods were designed for easy construction and efficient heating. Low ceilings and extensive central chimneys are made to conserve heat […]

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